Commercial Arts & Crafts Vendor Application Part 2 CR

Congratulations! You are an approved vendor for MumFest 2021. Please complete this PART 2 application and submit. You will be invoiced for payment.

NOTE: While you are an approved vendor, your status will not be confirmed until we have received FULL payment for your requested space, service fees, and any requested add-ons.

General security is provided by MumFest. However, no valuables should be left in your booth overnight. 

You will be receiving an invoice within two business days that will reflect your credit from 2020. This application will not be considered complete until your payment and all required information are received.

We are excited to see you at MumFest 2021. Thank you for your patience and support.

Thank you for completing PART 2!

Remember, MumFest is RAIN OR SHINE!!!!

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